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Marry Me at Christmas (Fool's Gold) - Susan Mallery

A cute holiday romance. I liked both the hero and heroine's attitude toward their relationship then how they handled things as it grew. Bridal show owner Madeline is asked to coordinate a wedding for the sister of movie star Jonny.

One Night with a Billionaire  - Jessica Clare

A good story that had my attention until about midway when heroine took a phone call on a phone she did not have and the plot seemed to get ridiculous with all sex, no communication then true love but the hero was enticing. Kylie is hired to do makeup for drugged out singer whose boyfriend Cade has finally had enough.

Dearest Rogue (Maiden Lane) - Elizabeth Hoyt

A good historical romance where both main characters had a disability. I liked the way the story showed them coping with blindness and a lame leg. It more than compensated for a few frequently used plot lines. Lady Phoebe's brother, a Duke, hires retired Dragoon Captain James to protect her.

Naked Edge - Pamela Clare

This romantic suspense had an exciting beginning, a good plot and a strong native american heroine but I got real tired of the hero's attitude toward romance and towards the end he was even lowering the heroine to his selfish level. Park ranger Gabriel rescues journalist Katherine when she falls off a cliff.

Ryker: A Cold Fury Hockey Novel (Carolina Cold Fury Hockey) - Sawyer Bennett

I enjoyed this story particularly the hero and heroine.  They were both solid characters attracted to each other and struggling with the conflict of interest involved.  I also liked the trust and respect they showed.  Seasoned hockey goalie Ryker is attracted to the teams new female general manager Gray.

Moon Awakening - Lucy Monroe

An enjoyable paranormal historical romance with plenty of action that moved right along but I guessed who done it pretty early and I thought the hero was a bit to obstinate and the heroine just accepted most of it. The king orders an English woman marry a Highland laird and Emily volunteers to go for her sister.

Darkest Before Dawn (KGI series) - Maya Banks

I skipped a lot then skimmed the end of this romantic suspense. The plot sounded good but most of the story was characters ruminating. Then when the action got going, about halfway through the book, behavior wasn't believable. Militant Hancock working deep undercover rescues foreign aide worker Honor to use her as a pawn.

Sustained (The Legal Briefs Series) - Emma Chase

This steamy story told from the hero's point of view had me captivated from beginning to end. All the kids were so entertaining adding plenty of humor and the heroine was such a giving person. Attorney Jake gets involved with Chelsea and the six orphaned nieces and nephews she is mothering.

The Seductive One - Susan Mallery

An enjoyable story with a now strong assertive heroine. Book moved right along while the plot was established but then things started to slow down with lots of thinking about past mistakes until the exciting finish. Brenna asks Nic, her old lover and her family's competitor, for a million dollar loan to start her own wine making business.

A Good Yarn - Debbie Macomber

An enjoyable story that held my attention throughout although my opinion on all the men was rather low when I finished. Four different women are each involved in romance, some light some heavy. Newly divorced Bethanne, grandma Elise and teenager Courtney join a class on making socks held by yarn shop owner Lydia.

The Lone Texan - Jodi Thomas

I enjoyed this historical romance with fast paced exciting action.  I really liked the hero, a younger man who always knew heroine was the woman for him and pursued her even though she was a bit over-resistant. Doctor Sage is kidnapped and Drum, who she's know since she was young, comes to rescue her.

Beautiful Player - Christina Lauren

This steamy story had an interesting plot and lots of witty banter but after the first couple sex scenes and following mental analysis of everything it got repetitive and I skipped to the end. Workaholic Hanna's brother tells her she needs to socialize more and suggests his playboy friend Will help her.

Hard to Come By - Laura Kaye

Exciting action in this romantic suspense and an endearing disabled hero but this series needs to be read in order. This plot is only a portion of a bigger operation and the first half of the book was spent explaining everything. Derek spends time with psychologist Emilie while his team searches for her brother.

Three Fates - Nora Roberts

I really enjoyed this story with lots of action that moved right along. I especially liked that it had three romances each with their own conflict and resolution all during a complex endeavor searching for treasure. Siblings Malachi, Gideon and Rebecca are trying to obtain three small statues and each person takes a different path.

Friction - Sandra Brown

This romantic suspense had a good plot with plenty of action that moved right along but after awhile the number of bad things that kept happening got to be too much and it didn't seem believable anymore. Ranger Crawford is in court trying to get custody of his daughter and when Judge Holly is ready to rule a gunman runs in and starts shooting.

About a Vampire - Lynsay Sands

Another good paranormal romance in this enjoyable series.  An interesting spin on the life mate experience yet still incorporating all the characteristics of their immortal world including a sprinkling of humor.  After Holly witnesses Justin's late night activity at the crematorium, she runs away and accidentally falls on her scissors.