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Wildest Dreams (Thunder Point) - Robyn Carr

This story had plenty of action that moved right along but not much romance until the last quarter of the book and heroine was a bit too stubborn. It had lots of updates on characters from previous books in the series. Triathlete Blake moves in next door to where home health care nurse Lin Su is working.

Zack - Sawyer Bennett

I am enjoying this series and this was another good book but while I understand the hero's grief sometimes he took his resistance a little too far and the heroine's acceptance as 'understanding' just make her look weak. After his girlfriend dies, Zach hires Kate as a nanny for his young son.

Play - Kylie Scott

An entertaining story that pulled me in with all the humor and intense hero but at the first sign of trouble the story turned juvenile and unrealistic. Hero was a jerk and heroine a doormat. They did a poor job dealing with serious issues. Drummer Mal is instantly attracted to Anne at a party and goes overboard in his attention.

No Knight Needed - Stephanie Rowe

This story had such a good beginning but not much after that. It seemed like for every line of dialogue there was two pages thinking about it. I started skipping chapters finding slow progress and predictable plot. I skimmed the end. Claire struggles in a rainstorm trying to rescue her daughter and Griffin comes along to save them.

Jackson Rule - Dinah McCall, Sharon Sala

A very intense story with a powerful ending. I particularly liked the open-minded heroine and the hero's philanthropic activities but the romance avoidance got repetitive in the first half of the book. Jackson is trying to find a job after spending half his life in prison for murdering his father and Rebecca hires him to work at her landscaping company.

A Second Chance - Bernadette Marie

This was a captivating story dealing with breast cancer.  It had some very touching moments but I didn't like the relationship.  It didn't really progress until the very end and some of the hero's actions were irritating.  Madeline's ex-husband Carlos comes to her aid when she faces the battle with breast cancer but he's engaged to someone else.

Bright Eyes - Catherine Anderson

This book was a mixed bag. It had its good parts like lots of action and an adorable little girl but the plot was far fetched and kind of predictable. The heroine was inconsistent, mostly naive but sometimes assertive. Natalie's son vandalizes Zeke's home so he decides the boy will work off cost of damage.

Hard Evidence - Pamela Clare

A good romantic suspense about the underworld of human trafficking with lots of fast paced exciting action. I liked how the hero grew into the relationship particularly belief in himself. News reporter Tessa witnesses a murder and is suspicious of a man lurking at the crime scene who turns out to be undercover FBI agent Julian.

Feeling Hot - Elle Kennedy

A good steamy story with plenty of action that moved right along. I liked how the relationship developed and when characters dealt with real issues facing military families and the hero was a stand up guy. SEAL Cash's buddy asks him to guard his sister Jen from her psycho ex boyfriend and it turns out they met before in a hot encounter.

Season for Love - Marie Force

This was a good book if you like checking in with all the characters from the previous books but it seemed like less than half the story was about the main characters and not a lot happened with them. Owen and Laura are becoming close friends remodeling a house but her estranged husband is fighting divorce and she is pregnant with his child.

A Man of Privilege - Sarah M. Anderson

An interesting story with a Native American heroine but not a lot of action and a few cliche events around hero. It seemed to be mostly angst over the whole relationship dilemma making characters appear weak. Attorney James asks Maggie to be a witness for a trial he is working on.

Line of Fire - Jo Davis

This romantic suspense had a good plot with exciting action and a hero in pursuit but I didn't care for the heroine. She held her secret for too long and made poor choices when she should have been with his supportive friends. Firefighter Tommy tries to start a romance with nurse Shea.

Stranger in the Moonlight - Jude Deveraux

This book was just okay.  The childhood friendship was a nice touch but it moved kind of slow and after awhile got predictable. Eventually things were just too pat and parts of the ending unbelievable.  Attorney Travis visits jewelry maker Kim's hometown and neither has forgotten their wonderful two weeks together as children.

The Wrong Billionaire's Bed  - Jessica Clare

I enjoyed this entertaining story particularly the banter between hero and heroine. Although it moved fast I liked how the relationship developed and the dilemma the hero had to face. Audrey takes her drug addicted sister into seclusion at a friends to detox and they encounter playboy Reese using the lodge for an amorous tryst.

Beach Lane - Sherryl Woods

This story had a pretty good plot that dealt with a serious issue but although interesting I didn't like how the romance developed.  Most of the relationships in the story were just a little bit too good to be true.  Susie and Mack's longtime friendship changes when he loses his job and she gets sick.

The Kill - Allison Brennan

This romantic suspense had a good plot and exciting finish. I understood the heroine's emotional anguish over the situation but it went on too long and became irritatingly repetitive slowing down the story. After 34 years in prison, Olivia's sisters murdered is found innocent so she works with detective Zack to find the real killer.